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About Us

Marketing as Your Business Investment

At EDG Media, we believe in obtaining a return on investment when it comes to digital marketing. We believe that marketing is an investment and should not be a "cost" or "expenditure". Our methods are based on data and not a random experiments, so we can make sure that the strategies implemented for your business will increase your business bottom line with return on your investment. 

New York City

Our Story

We are a New York based team of marketing and visual story telling experts who are passionate about capturing the audience's mind. From the digital marketing strategies to story telling through brands and businesses, our goal and mission is a simple one: communicate the value to your ideal audience who will become your fan. 

Being in New York City, our international bilingual experts are constantly handling multi-cultural, diverse communication strategies and we are very confident our experts can address any multi-cultural and diverse market needs that your business or brands may face.  Feel free to contact us for any inquiry or questions you may have about our services.

Meet The Team


Clio Gold Awards

Second Life Toys - PR Planner

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